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Seeing the Stars by JitterbugJive

This piece of art was remarkably drawn. The colors are strong, the imagery is beautiful, and it drives a very strong sense of adventure...

by Rebe-IT

I only have one thing to say about this: well done. The detail was good, the idea was great. This is truly a work of originality, since...


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Yami Nomura
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United States
I am Yami Nomura, but all my friends call me Sonic, Yami, or Luce. I am a fanfic writer of 14 years, and my biggest cravings is those of YGO and Sonic the Hedgehog. I am in one of the biggest slumps in my life, and I am looking for inspiration, so watch out, cause you may never know when I come running to you.

I AM NOT AN ARTIST!!! Everything posted on my profile is either requested art, commissioned art, or art that fairly resembles a character in my fanfic that I will try to get drawn soon.

WANTED: One juicy story for the public to enjoy. Enough said.

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I do have a Furaffinity and a InkBunny account. Wanna follow me there? Links are below:…

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Personal Quote 1: Take Things to The Next Level!

Personal Quote 2: Never say something's imposssible. Anything is possible as long as you have a living imagination.

Chibi Anthro Spike by Pia-sama
OC stamp by Suyy
OC - Soul Stamp by Alphares
My OC's -stamp- by shorty-antics-27

I Made A Thing Here


According to the Doctor, it has been exactly ten days since we left Zixtra Madora. Even now, I can still see the unease on his face when we encountered his old foe, the Master. Although….it was a bit odd, really. It seemed to me that the Doctor was looking rather sickly as of late…

“What do you mean, we’re heading back to Ponyville!?”, I exclaimed as he fiddled with a few switches on the console. “Just need to make a pitstop, Professor. Ponyville is quite the odd place, but Ms. Hooves and I realized something during our last visit there.”, the Doctor stated. I looked at Derpy and said, “Alright, explain?” Derpy looked up from the muffin she was about to eat and said, “According to the Doctor, there is a tear in the time vortex right on the outskirts of the town. Apparently, it stretches so far, we believe the source of it all is in the Everfree Forest. Through that, we can fuel up the TARDIS engines in order to continue traveling!” Strawberry’s eyes widened when Derpy said that. “Is this time rift dangerous?”, she asked. “It’s very dangerous. However, with the TARDIS, we can easily close it off once we refuel.”, the Doctor said, the engines groaning as we landed. He looked at the screen and said, “Well, give a stallion a medal. We landed on the exact day we left Twilight and Spike here, only five minutes difference from when we last left.”

Strawberry smiled as she stepped out of the TARDIS and stretched her arms towards the sky. She frowned as she looked around and said, “Uh, Doctor…I thought you said only five minutes had passed since we last left?” The Doctor wiped a bead of sweat from his forehead and said, “That’s right, only five minutes. Why?” Strawberry looked around and said, “Because we’re in the middle of a forest!” I frowned when she said that. I immediately looked at my watch and said, “That can’t be right. The only forest around here would be the Everfree Forest.” When that was said, Strawberry screamed as she ran back inside the TARDIS, closing the doors fast behind her. “Strawberry, what’s wrong?!”, I asked, worried beyond belief. “I saw a timberwolf!” she replied.

The Doctor looked at Strawberry in shock and said, “A timberwo-AGGHH!!!” We all looked at him in worry as he fell over, clutching at his stomach. He looked at his hands as they glowed slightly. “No, not now! It’s not a good time!”, he wheezed, his hands returning back to their original brown. Strawberry gasped and said, “Doctor, was that what I think it was?” He nodded as he looked at me and Derpy and said, “We’re short on time. Strawberry, I’ll ask again: are you sure we landed in a forest?” Strawberry frowned as she peeked out of the doors again and said, “Well, you guys won’t believe this, but there is a huge forest outside covering all of Ponyville. We definitely landed next to Twilight’s Library, there’s no doubt about that! See for yourselves!” She opened the doors wide open, my jaw dropping immediately at the immense forest that had grown over Ponyville. I helped the Doctor to his hooves and we joined my daughter outside of the TARDIS, hearing the doors close with a click. “This is…this is amazing. How is this even possible, Doctor?”, Derpy asked, looking at a nearby flower which was definitely an enlarged Poison Joke flower.

“I have no idea, Derpy. But we best get some answers. Let’s go check on Ms. Sparkle before we do anything too drastic.”, the Doctor replied, walking towards Twilight’s front door. He knocked on it three times, a flash of purple was seen as he was whisked away inside quickly. “Get in here, you three! Quickly!”, Twilight said hastily. I looked at Strawberry, but I shrugged as we did what we were told and immediately walked inside. Twilight locked the door behind us, and I was surprised to see the remainder of her friends within the tree as well. “Professor! Where in the hay have you been all this time!? All of Ponyville is being attacked by the Everfree Forest!”, Rainbow Dash exclaimed, zipping up to me and looking me in the face. “I’ve noticed that, Rainbow. There is no need to yell at me over it.”, I said, covering both my ringing ears. “Sorry, Mr. Skyfire, but it’s my fault that Rainbow Dash is yelling at you. I had told her that if anypony could answer why the Forest is growing out of control, it would be you.”, Fluttershy said quietly, huddled up among her many pets.

I raised an eyebrow when she said that, but the Doctor beat me to the punch with the exact same question I was thinking; “Why him?”, he asked weakly. Spike stood to his feet and said, “”It’s the trees. For some reason, they are speaking and all of them are calling out Prodigy’s name, as if they are possessed or something! It’s really spooky! Everypony in town has been frantic for answers for the last few minutes ever since you left last time!” I looked at Spike in utter confusion when he said that. “Are you saying all of this has happened in only five minutes, AND IT’S MY FAULT?”, I asked. Twilight shook her head and said, “Not five minutes, Prodigy. FIVE DAYS. It’s been five days since you left with the Doctor in the TARDIS.” I immediately shot a dark look at the Doctor, only to see him clutching at his chest in pain. “Doctor, are you ok? You’re not looking well.”, I asked in a worried tone. He coughed slightly, gold smoke escaping his mouth. Strawberry walked over to the Doctor and said, “You’re dying, aren’t you, Doctor?”

Applejack walked over to us and said, “Dying, talking trees, him coughing up gold smoke, what the hay is going on here? Y’all seem to know more than you’re telling, and I think we deserve some answers!” Strawberry looked back at the mare and said, “As far as the entire tree predicament, we are at a bit of a loss. As for the gold smoke, I think I can explain that a bit more. Best get comfy, this will be a crazy explanation.” I looked at my daughter and said, “The shortest explanation possible, Strawberry. We don’t have time.”

Once I said that, she explained the many conversations she has had with the Doctor, even explaining the time she got lost within the TARDIS and found proof of his past lives as a humanoid time traveler and not the stallion we saw before us. By the time she finished telling about how she and I was traveling through time and space with him and Derpy, everypony in the entire room was silent….

“Time travel without the use of a magic spell? It almost sounds way too impossible to believe.”, Rarity stated with a disbelieving look. “An alien from another universe that can change his physical appearance on the verge of death? That’s way too crazy to think that exists!”, Rainbow Dash stated. She looked over at Twilight and said, “You look like you believe this story.” Twilight nodded and said, “I’ve had first-hand experience of traveling in the TARDIS, as well as Spike. What felt like hours was only a couple of minutes for you girls. During then, it was when the Professor proposed to me.” I looked at Strawberry and then to the Doctor and said, “Radiation poisoning? You should’ve died before you even made it to our universe, doctor.” He chuckled softly, another puff of gold smoke escaping his lips and said, “Yeah, well, even I can’t explain how my regeneration has been delayed for this long time. I’ve been here on Equus for almost two months traveling with Derpy.”

“Well, that would explain why you haven’t been seen in such a long time, Ditzy! I was so worried about you!”, Pinkie said, hugging Derpy tightly. “P-Pinkie! Choking!”, Derpy wheezed, Pinkie immediately letting her go. I chuckled but immediately said, “I know it is painful to me, but I must return to the forest to get to the bottom of this problem. You think you can make it there, Doctor?” He was just about to reply, but a loud bell was heard from outside. His eyes widened as it rang again, immediately springing to his hooves. “No! No no no no no!”, he exclaimed, running outside quickly. “Doctor, what’s wrong!?”, Derpy exclaimed, following him immediately. He snapped his fingers as the TARDIS doors opened immediately, a bright red glow exiting from within it. I ran outside as I saw Derpy and him walk into the TARDIS, I followed reluctantly. I was in shock at how the TARDIS sounded once I walked in. “Doctor, what’s going on here? What’s with that bell?”, I asked. “It’s the cloister bell. It’s an alarm that only goes off if the TARDIS or its inhabitants are in danger.”, he replied in a solemn tone. He looked to his right and said, “This is your doing, isn’t it old friend?” I looked immediately to his right and flinched slightly to see yet another alien staring back at us. He was humanoid in shape, but he had what looked to be octopus tentacles dangling from his face and dark amber eyes. He had no nose, and he was completely clad in what appeared to be a dark blue jumpsuit with the symbol of Sigma emblazoned on the right side of the jumpsuit. He was holding a small sphere in his hand which was connected to the inside of what seemed to be his mouth. “Doctor, what in Tartarus is that thing?”, I asked in a surprised tone. “Don’t be rude, Prodigy. That’s Ood Sigma. And we go way back, way too far back. How is it that you are here now, Ood Sigma?”, he asked the alien.

“This is a hologram that was created through the power of the Ood brain back on the Ood Sphere, my friend. It had sensed your presence and thought it best for me to talk to you. My question, however, is probably more important: how are YOU still alive?”, Sigma asked gently. The Doctor shook his head when Ood Sigma asked him that, watching the entire TARDIS console glow from its normal color to a shade of sickly red. “The TARDIS has become a paradox machine.”, he said, his eyes wide in horror as he watched his ship twist and contort itself to a different form around us. “You are being shown an impossible truth, Doctor. The only reason a paradox machine would exist if it is keeping a paradox intact. I can only think of one reason what it could be though, and I think you can easily deduce what that is.”, Sigma stated.

The Doctor looked up to the roof of the TARDIS in thought for a few minutes, only to gasp in shock. He looked at Sigma as he nodded and said, “You thought correctly. You are the reason this is happening, Doctor. The TARDIS must’ve known you were needed for something, so she turned herself into a paradox machine and kept you from regenerating. She even put up a very convincing perception filter around herself in order to keep the truth a secret. But now, you are weakening and as a result, so is she.” I watched as Sigma walked over to the console and placed a hand on it gently, hearing the TARDIS engines whine weakly, the cloister bell going off lowly once again. He looked at the Doctor and said, “I say you have three hours, Time Lord. Hurry, save the world one more time. But remember, the song is ending, so make it count.”

With a bright flash of light, Ood Sigma vanished from among us. The Doctor sighed as he ran towards a nearby corridor. “Professor, Derpy, Strawberry, follow me! We don’t have much time!”, he stated further along. We looked at each other as we immediately followed the stallion further into the TARDIS. Faster and faster the alien ran as he came to a screeching halt in front of a door, breathing heavily. Derpy placed a hand on him in worry as he waved her away to ensure he was alright. He opened the door and my eyes widened as I saw the most peculiar of contraptions lying about, but as far as I could tell, they looked like different modes of transportation. The Doctor tossed Derpy, Strawberry, and myself a helmet and said “Put them on. Turn the key to the right, right handlebar is the ignition, both of the gears are the brakes.” I raised an eyebrow as him and Derpy hopped onto one of the strange contraptions and drove out towards the front door of the TARDIS.

“Stop gawking, Papa! Let’s go!”, Strawberry said, sitting in a little carriage. I sat on the larger part of the mechanism and did just as the Doctor said, the machine roaring to life as we drove out quickly out of the TARDIS behind the Doctor. My eyes widened as I looked at the Time Lord and said, “What the hay is this thing, Doctor!?” He grinned and said, “It’s called a Motorcycle! It’s from my universe! Never mind that, to the Everfree Forest!”

With that, I followed the Doctor towards the Everfree Forest, making sure I didn’t crash into anypony or anything along the way. As I saw the forest come into view, I saw how it was growing out of control and immediately a sense of dread entered my heart as I could only imagine what we would come across this time….

The Doctor came to a stop within a clearing in the forest, a shaking Derpy hopping off of his motorcycle immediately afterwords. As soon as I turned the engine off on my own ride, I noticed that there was a lot of animal cries within the forest. Strawberry clinged to my leg and said, “What is making all the animals do that, Papa?” I shook my head at her question, even I had no idea why the animals were so restless. “Well, Doctor? Any ideas? I’m a bit of a loss right here.”, I said, looking around us all cautiously. He shushed me slightly then cupped his ears and said, “That’s not possible….this is bad, very bad.” Derpy looked at the Doctor and said, “What’s bad, Doctor?” He removed his sonic screwdriver from his coat and said, “I can understand the languages of all animals, and every animal here is saying the exact same thing. Listen!” My eyes widened when he said that as he activated his Sonic, but then everything went quiet as all of the animals spoke in unison, saying something that froze me down to the very core: “The being wrapped in death escapes to the world of life when the cursed immortal leaves her mark on him to join a neverending fight. With impossible facts to block his path, he must slowly see just what kind of person he is and what he must live to be. The bond of eight with destinies intertwined shall decide…whether the Living Paradox continues to live….or finally DIE.”

“Ok, that is certainly not a good sign.”, I said as a low growl as heard behind me. I turned around, only to barely miss a large paw scratch at me and my daughter, the paw belonging to a manticore,  an angry one at that. “Uhh, Doctor, Derpy, Strawberry, you want my suggestion?”, I said with a worried tone. “We’re all ears!”, the three said in unison. “Well, in this case, I say…RUN!!!”, I exclaimed, lifting Strawberry up as I ran in another direction, the Doctor and Derpy immediately followed as the manticore chased after. As a few minutes passed, more and more of the animals within the forest soon gave chase after us. “Professor, what is happening here?! Every animal in the forest is after us!”, Strawberry said, ducking into my labcoat as a hydra spat fire at us. “I haven’t the slightest idea! Doctor, anything?!”, I asked. The Time Lord was just about to reply when a flash of purple snatched him up and into a nearby cave. “Over here! Quickly, or your lives are forfeit!”, a voice rang out from the cave. None of us hesitated as we ducked into the cave, watching the animals run past us quickly.

Strawberry sighed heavily as she said, “That was way too close.” I panted heavily as the Doctor came towards us and said, “This way, quick. You’d never believe who just helped us!” Derpy looked at me with a confused face, but did as we were told as we followed the Doctor deeper into the cave. A soft glow was emitting from deep within as I began to see lots of markings on the walls. “No way, these marks on the walls. Doctor, this is ancient Zebrabwaen text! I’ve seen it at Zecora’s place before! But why would it be here of all places?”, I asked. “What does it say, Professor?”, Derpy asked, before the voice from before said, “This world is corrupted by the war. Only HE can mend its pain. Or cause its destruction.” I looked to my right to see a young mare looking back us with light pink eyes, a familiar shade that I remember seeing before in my travels.

“Wait a minute….you. You’re that pony from the past, what was it? ….Soothsayer! But how?”, I asked, before she raised a finger to her lips and shushed me immediately. “It’s not safe to talk here. Follow me.”, she said as she returned to the furthest depths of the cave. The four of us followed as we came to a sole cavern filled with many objects that seemed like they should’ve been in a museum. “What is this place?”, Derpy asked, looking at an old hourglass. “This is my home. Other than Zecora’s home, it’s the second-most safest place in the forest.”, Soothsayer said, sitting down on a wooden chair. “I don’t get it. How could you possibly be here, Soothsayer? We met you during the Cyberpony invasion back before Celestia and Luna were born. Soothsayer chuckled and said, “Well, I am certain your time traveler friend can answer that for you.”

The Doctor wiped his forehead of sweat as he said, “Let’s see….fixed point in time, perhaps? It’s the only explanation for you not aging in over a thousand years.” Soothsayer smiled softly as she ran a hand over the necklace that was on her neck. “This choker has been in my family for centuries. However, it has only ever been a normal trinket…until three years before you four arrived to my home, that is. It’s been contaminated by the dark energies that are constricting this planet, even as we speak. Every planet outside our own has had an adverse effect to this energy, and it is spreading. But, thanks to my skills as a fortuneteller, this necklace also enhanced my abilities to perceive the past, present, and future right down to the smallest detail.”, she said. The Doctor scoffed as Soothsayer looked at him and said, “I’ll not have a dying man laugh at my abilities, especially not you, man of Gallifrey. So far from home you are, yet many things from your universe is bleeding into our own. Haven’t you ever wondered why?”

The Doctor looked away slightly with a concerned look on his face as Soothsayer said, “Ah. You already know why. For some time, I wager. The effects of the war has leaked from its source and it has spread out so far. It even reached you, dear Doctor.” I looked at the Doctor and said, “What does she mean, Doctor? What war?” The Doctor stayed silent for a few minutes, looking at his hands as they glowed again, showing his regeneration was quickly approaching. He finally said, “You know what we are looking for in this forest, don’t you, Soothsayer?” The mare closed her eyes in thought, then reopened them to show that they were glowing a ghastly white. “Yes, I do indeed. At the very core of the forest, an odd occurrence is happening as we speak.”, she stated. “It’s the Everfree Forest, everything is odd in here.”, Derpy replied. Soothsayer shook her head as she said, “Not like this. As you all know, the Everfree Castle is not far from this location. Professor, I am certain you can imagine the location I am mentioning.” I shuddered slightly when I said, “Unfortunately. It’s like fate or a curse that the Everfree castle keeps coming up during my travels with the Doctor. Why?”

“A being from another world has taken refuge within the castle. It’s even safe to say that this being is even out of the wrong time as well. But, it has been corrupted by this dark energy and it is bleeding into the very surroundings of the castle, including the Tree of Harmony. You’ve got to bring a stop to it, otherwise this world will crumble.”, Soothsayer stated, before falling into a chair behind her, completely drained of strength. I cleared my throat slightly and said, “Alright then. Looks like we know where to go.” Strawberry looked at me and said, “Are you sure, Papa?” I shook my head and said, “Not at all. However, as the girls said, these things are connected to me somehow, so I gotta go. There is no other option. Doctor, think you can make it there without dying on us?” He smiled softly as he said, “I have enough time to get there. Allons-y, everyone!” I nodded as I looked at Soothsayer who had fallen asleep on her chair, then walked out of the cave with the others towards the distant castle.

As we could see the castle looming over us, I looked around and saw how the plants in the nearby vicinity was withered and dying. Soothsayer was definitely right when she said that something was corrupting the area nearby. I looked towards the gorge and saw a bright light flickering within it. The Tree of Harmony was definitely in danger as well from whatever was inside. Whatever it was, however, was the last thing I was expecting to see….

The Doctor and I pushed the large oak doors to the castle open, a cloud of dust greeting us as we walked inside. I looked around and said, “Is it me, or does something seem different about this place?” Derpy flew around the room and said, “It looks like everything is brand new in here! How could that be?” The Doctor looked at Derpy and said, “Remember what Soothsayer said: this being is not only from another world, but another time as well. They could’ve easily did this. …Wait. It couldn’t be him, could it?” I raised an eyebrow when he said that, easily realizing what he was thinking of, but our thoughts were brought to a halt when a loud noise was heard from the throne room. “They’re in there! Let’s go!”, I said, moving towards the throne room. I pushed at the door to realize it was locked. “Sorry, Twilight. I know you said you wanted to refurbish this place, but saving the world takes priority!”, I said, ramming into the door, only to grunt in pain. “Professor, take it easy! That’s not like a normal door, you know!”, the Doctor said, running his sonic screwdriver on the door. He growled as he said, “This is embarrassing! I need to tune this thing so it can work on wood!” Strawberry frowned and said, “So, we can’t get in then?” The Doctor and I went silent for a few seconds, but then Derpy immediately stated, “Leave this one to me, guys! Iron posterior, away!!” I was at a loss for words for what happened next: Derpy ended up knocking the doors off their hinges with a flying bum tackle. “What? Doctor, did she?”, I asked.

“Yes.”, he replied. “With her?”, I stated. “Yes. Don’t ask how, I don’t even question it.”, the Doctor said, walking into the room immediately. Strawberry and I followed, only to see a sole being in the entire room, sitting on Writing Glory’s former throne reading a book. However, he looked right at us with a familiar shade of red eyes. “T-That’s not possible! How?!”, I stated. “Professor, what? How are you….over there?”, Derpy said, looking at the being as well. The Doctor frowned angrily as Strawberry looked in confusion as we were looking at an exact duplicate of myself. He smiled coldly as he stood to his feet and said, “Well, I was wondering when you four would appear before me.” He looked at a pocketwatch and frowned as he said, “Yet, you are a couple of years too soon for it. I am disappointed, Doctor. You are losing your touch.”

“Imposter. A changeling imitating me is the cause of all this trouble? How dare you take my face?!”, I exclaimed to the other me. He frowned as he flew over to me quickly and looked me dead in the eyes. “Do I seem like a changeling to you? Do I even remotely act like one to you?”, he asked, before grinning coldly. My eyes widened as I saw his eyes flash from red to a dual-colored pair of silver and green. I went into shock after that, since I recognized those eyes very clearly. “No…not you. It couldn’t be. You were a nightmare I had!”, I stated, watching as his entire body morphed in front of us: his fur fading to a pale gray, his hair morphing to a similar shade with strands of jet black. He chuckled as he ran a hand through his hair and said, “A nightmare, huh? Seems like an appropriate title to label me as, considering how hard I tried to destroy you.” He looked at me and chuckled then said, “But, when it comes right down to it, what seems to be more believable: your life or the nightmares you have each night?”

I breathed heavily as he leaned in close to me and whispered in my ear saying, “You can feel it. I am you. At least, a part of you. You can thank your….friend Discord for allowing me another chance of burning you alive, right down to the core. You should’ve never left home, little boy. Now, you’re all alone with me.” I froze when he said that, but then, a stick hit the imposter in the back rapidly. He frowned as he looked back and saw Strawberry behind him. “You leave my Papa alone, you bully! What has he done to you?!”, she yelled. The imposter narrowed his eyes as he said, “What has he done?” My heart dropped as he slapped Strawberry hard on the cheek, knocking her onto the ground. “Everything.”, he said. “You monster! How could you strike a little filly like that!”, I said, kneeling near Strawberry, holding her close to me. “What, you actually care for her? Or for those other ponies you call friends? Or for the Doctor, neither of which you know?”, the imposter said, only to notice my cutie mark glowing brightly on my forehead. He laughed slightly as he said, “Oh, so you are in there. So, which one are you: the brat or the Egyptian?”

“What are you doing here, Arufunu? I sealed you away during the war! That was the only thing I could do to stop you!”, I said. Arufunu smirked and said, “You would like to know. Unfortunately, I’m not going to tell you, Yami. Oh wait, that’s not what they call you here. What was it again? ….Oh right, the Phantom Nightbolt. Ha, what a laugh! Even back in our world, you were a bit…abnormal.” The Phantom frowned as Arufunu said, “I could kill you right now, but where’s the fun in it for me? You’ll see me again, but you better be prepared, cause this time you WILL die.” He laughed loudly as he vanished in a black cloud, leaving me alone with the Doctor and the others. The entire castle rumbled as it reverted back to its normal state, all of the surroundings outside returning to how it should be very slowly. I sighed softly as the mark on my forehead vanished, groaning immediately as I said, “W-What happened?”

“Don’t you remember?”, Derpy asked. I shook my head as I said, “I remember that imposter slapping Strawberry, then everything went black. Where did he go?” The Doctor said, “Gone. He’s gone. You stopped him, Professor.” I smiled softly as I looked at Strawberry in my arms and said, “Let’s return to Twilight’s library.” The Doctor and Derpy nodded as we retired from the castle, heading back to ponyville immediately.

As we returned to Twilight’s library, everypony bombarded us with questions on what happened. However, the Doctor insisted that nothing had happened. Doctor, what are you trying to hide?

As we sat inside the library, the Doctor groaned in pain again. “Doctor, is it?!”, I said as he raised a hand, it glowing even brighter now. “It’s time. Derpy, Professor, can you help me?”, he asked. I nodded as Derpy and I helped him to his hooves and walked out to the TARDIS. He snapped his fingers as the doors opened, the cloister bell ringing even louder than it was earlier. “Sorry, but you two have to leave now. I must do this alone.”, the Doctor said, walking over to the TARDIS console. “Sorry you have to go so soon, Doctor. It was fun, it really was.”, I said. He chuckled softly, but it came to an end when the doors closed behind Derpy and I, the TARDIS engines roaring to life on their own. “Doctor, what’s happening?”, Derpy asked. “No idea, I didn’t do anything!”, the Doctor said, groaning in pain again as his body glowed again. The TARDIS lurched and groaned and shook violently as it began to fall apart on the inside, the doors opening immediately to show the time vortex outside of it. “Hang on, you two! Hang on!”, the Doctor said. Immediately, we grabbed onto the console, trying to hold on as tight as we can. “I can’t do it! I’m gonna fall!”, Derpy said, her grip slipping slightly. “Just hold on!”, the Doctor said, reaching a hand out as some of his regeneration energy blasted Derpy in her eyes. “It hurts! It hurts! Doctor, help!”, Derpy exclaimed, before finally losing her grip on the console. “Derpy!!!!”, the Doctor yelled as she fell out the door. I frowned as I let go of the console, flying after her. “Professor, come back!”, the Doctor said, before I looked at him, my cutie mark glowing on my head once again. “Go, Doctor! I’ll save her! You can count on that!”, I said as a bright light enveloped me as I caught Derpy in my arms, vanishing from the time vortex, leaving the Doctor behind.

“But….I don’t wanna go...”, the Doctor said softly as he finally exploded in a burst of radiant gold, his body shifting with a new one, the TARDIS reformatting itself into a normal time machine. The Doctor yelled as his regeneration neared completion, before finally emerging from his transformation into an entirely different being. The Time Lord looked at himself and said, “Well, that was painful. Let’s see here: legs, still have those. Excellent, hands and fingers, LOTS OF FINGERS! Arms, two eyes, nose…definitely had worse, chin-blimey! Hair? STILL NOT A GINGER! Regeneration, it’s an unfair gamble! And why is my chest heavy?” He immediately looked down and said, “Oh. I regenerated into a woman. It’s been a while since that happened, what, 850 years ago perhaps? Wait, no! I’m forgetting something! Something very important!” The Doctor grunted as she was thrown onto the floor by the exploding TARDIS, laughing as she said, “Of course, I’m crashing! GERONIMO!!!” She laughed as she flipped a bunch of switches as the TARDIS launched itself out of the time vortex to who knows where.

Meanwhile, back on Ponyville…

Twilight rubbed a hand on Strawberry’s head gently as she slept. She looked out the window of her library as she noticed the TARDIS was long gone as well as the remainder of the Everfree forest. “Everything is back to normal now.”, she said, but soon after, a loud boom was heard outside. “What was that?!”, Spike asked, coming out of the kitchen with a bowl full of gems. “No idea!”, Twilight stated as her front door was pushed open, I walked in carrying Derpy on my arms, my cutie mark still flashing rapidly on my forehead. “Help me, Princess Twilight! She got hurt!”, I said. “Phantom Nightbolt, what happened?!”, Twilight asked as she led me to her bedroom. I placed Derpy on the bed gently and said, “She was hit with some of the Doctor’s regeneration energy. She also fell into the time vortex. If I didn’t jump after her, she may have not made it.”

“Oh, the poor girl! She isn’t hurt too badly, is she?”, Twilight asked. “Well…she’s unconscious, so I can show you without any regrets.”, I said, lifting up one of Derpy’s eyes, showing that her eye had changed from its normal yellow shade to a shade of bright blue and a very familiar shade of blue as well. “Is that what I think it is?”, Spike asked, seeing me nod in agreement. “It is: it’s the same shade as the Doctor’s. However, what it means, I haven’t the slightest idea. We can only wait and see what happens next.”, I stated before falling over onto the bed, my cutie mark returning to where it should be once again. Spike and Twilight looked at each other with a worried face, both thinking the same thing what was to happen next.

As Derpy, Strawberry, and I slumbered and slept the fatigure of the events that transpired that day, the Doctor continued hurtling towards her newest adventure. Where she will land, who knows…

Ch. 5 - Beginning Anew
Finally, after a long period of time, the new Doctor Whooves chapter is up and running! Please enjoy!
Alright, so for those that always ask, I AM NOT AN ARTIST. However, this is not why I am making this. I am just trying to send some love over to an artist who is really great what she does best, :iconmother-noroi: She's in a bit of a hiatus at the moment due to college, but she's got some really fantastic traditional art pieces up on her page if you want to see her skills, so go ahead and check her out!

Name: King Damian Hedgehog

Alias: Damian the Blizzard

Age: 43* (Deceased)

Gender: Male

Species: Mobian Hedgehog

Height: 5’7

Weight: 125

Relationship Status: When he was alive, he was married to former Queen Aleena.

Body Description: Average body build, slightly muscular* (almost like Snow, but a bit smaller), orange fur, tan arms and a tan belly. Sky blue eyes with two matching large blue hair bangs with three blue spines. Also has blue lines on his arms that end in arrows on his hands. Always has a serious look on his face. Also, due to him being a war veteran, he has a large scar over his right eye which keeps his right eye sealed at all times. Normally wears a eyepatch to cover it up.

Clothing Description: Normally wears a crown on his head at all times as well as wears a full set of armor at all times with a pair of black spandex pants* (Will show reference of armor). Also wears a dark blue cape. Emblazoned on the cape is the symbol of the Royal Hedgehog family. Finally wears a pair of black sandals.

Accessories: before it was passed on, he used to wear a gold medallion which he gave to Rai as a family heirloom. It is always passed down to the 3rd member of the new generation.

Abilities: Unlike his prodigal son Sonic, he did not inherit his father’s speed. Instead, he was born with the ability to control ice, the same powers that Rai was born with before his corruption. His specialty is making blades out of ice that cannot be shattered.

King Damian Hedgehog
Finally, after a lot of debate, I got Rai and Daisy's father designed. It's a bit lackluster, but I like how it turned out.

King Damian & design (c) :iconyami-sonic:

Time certainly flows differently inside the TARDIS, What felt like days were truly only mere minutes while traveling with the Doctor. Even though we only just met him, I do believe the Doctor to be a rather dependent stallion during times of trouble, as well as a really good friend. Although….today, I get the feeling that me and Strawberry are going to see another side to the Doctor….

“No, Doctor! I am not going to talk to your TARDIS! It’s a machine! It can’t reply!”, I said, walking around the console, looking it over. “Ah, come now, Professor! That is quite the rude statement! She really doesn’t like it when people refer to her as just a machine!”, the Doctor replied. He leaned over towards the console and stroked it gently, silently whispering “It’s ok, Sexy. He didn’t mean it.” I snorted and said, “AND ANOTHER THING! If this thing was as NICE as you claim, why is it that every morning, AFTER I explicitly asked to have my room moved AWAY from the pool, I find myself waking up from falling into cold water!?” The Doctor tried to hide a laugh, but his face crept into a smile rather quickly. “Well….I think she is just playing a joke with you, Professor. Nothing but harmless fun, you see?”, he replied wi1th an unsure tone.

I frowned even more, my face turning a darker shade of blue from how furious I was. Derpy was sitting next to my daughter, fiddling with an iPhone out of boredom. Strawberry was lying down on the floor, sighing softly. “Forget it, Doctor. Once the Professor gets upset, he doesn’t calm down as quickly as others. Sometimes, I wonder if he has a deeper pool of rage hiding inside of him or something.”, she stated. Derpy groaned slightly and said, “Doctor!”

“Derpy? Is something wrong?”, he asked. I looked over towards her as she took her iPhone to him. “It’s not working anymore. I think it broke during our last stop. I can’t call anypony or get any texts!”, she exclaimed. “Well, we can’t have that, can we?”, he replied, taking his Sonic Screwdriver from his pocket. He fiddled around with the iPhone for a few minutes, and then handed it back to Derpy. “There we go, good as new!”, he stated. I raised an eyebrow at the sight, then asked, “What did you do, Doctor?” He smiled at me and said, “It’s nothing special. I just made it where Derpy’s phone could be used anywhere in time or space. No matter where she is, she’ll always have a signal.”

My eyes widened when he said that. “Really? That’s incredible!”, I replied. The Doctor chuckled and said, “It’s no big deal.” I nodded and asked, “If that is the case, do you mind taking a look at me and Strawberry’s phonewatches? They haven’t been working right ever since we came with you and Ms. Hooves.”, I asked. The Doctor’s eyes widened when I mentioned the invention Strawberry came up with. “Phonewatches? What is that, if I may ask?”, he asked curiously. That’s when Strawberry stood to her hooves and said proudly, “They’re my latest creation! It’s a phone and a watch at the same time! I mainly made it for me and my friends, but thanks to Papa, they are going to be sold to everypony all across Equestria! Maybe the entire world!” She flashed the watch that she was wearing on her left wrist, and the Doctor whistled in awe. “My my, that’s a grand achievement you done there, Strawberry.”, the Doctor said. He removed the watch from her arm and walked over to me, taking mine as well. “Just give me a few seconds and these will be the only two in the entire universe that can be used across time and space.”, he said, fiddling with the watches in one hand, Sonic Screwdriver in the other. In a few seconds, he returned the watches to me and Strawberry with a smile. “There you go, good as new!”, he said.

“Excellent, Doctor.”, I said. My attention came to a startle when the phonewatch started to ring. I tapped the glass gently and said, “Hello? This is Prodigy Skyfire, who’s speaking?” “Professor! Oh, thank goodness you picked up!”, a voice said on the screen. My eyes widened when I saw twilight Sparkle’s face appear on it. “Oh, Ms. Sparkle. What are you doing up so late? I thought I was the only pony that stayed up as late as Princess Luna.”, I said. “Now’s not the time to joke, Professor! There’s a hurt pony here at the library, and we can’t get in contact with the hospital to get her checked on! Could you please come over and give her an examination?”, Twilight asked. “I’ll be there as soon as I can.”, I said, hanging up on my end. “Doctor, we got to make a pit stop! It’s time for the Professor to go to work.”, I said, looking over at the chestnut-colored stallion. The Doctor nodded and said, “Alright then, back to Ponyville! Allons-y!” He flipped a few switches, and with a slight movement, the TARDIS launched forwards in time back to home.

If only we knew what was waiting for us when we arrived. The Doctor was about to come across his past once again….

“You don’t understand, I need to see the Doctor! Do you know where I can find him?”, Rose asked. Spike raised an eyebrow and said, “Uhh….I’m sorry, but we can’t reach the hospital. But don’t worry, we have somepony coming that may help you.” He handed Rose a cup of water and said, “Drink up. Twilight said to stay hydrated.” Rose shook her head and pushed the cup away, looking out the window at the steady rainfall. ‘Doctor….where are you? Where am I? What happened?’, she thought to herself, a bolt of lightning striking close by.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, a group of ponies were watching the library in secret….

“Any sign of him yet?”, said one pony. “Negative, Captain Star Hunter. Our devices are definitely saying he should land here in any moment.”, said another. “Thank you, Tick Tock. Keep a vigilante watch”, said Star Hunter. ‘Star Hunter, huh? That’s what I call myself here. Only the Doctor would know the truth: I’m Captain Jack Harkness, Leader of the Torchwood V Institute here in Equestria. Although…something tells me that things are definitely going to heat up tonight.’, Jack thought to himself. He cleared his throat and said, “So, intel tells me that you’ve met the doctor, Tick Tock. Is that true?” Tick Tock chuckled and said, “That I did. He saved my entire village back in my time. Traveled with him and Derpy a while back, and I decided to open up a tinker shop in Manehattan. After that, here I am: working for Torchwood.” Jack smiled softly and said, “I see. Well then, that sounds like an interesting way of life. Keep looking out for him.”

“Yes, sir.”, Tick Tock replied, keeping a lookout on the library.

Meanwhile, back on the TARDIS….

The Doctor frowned when he stared at the Console’s screen, seeing it shut off. “Well, that’s odd.”, he said, flipping a few switches. “Doctor, what’s wrong?”, I asked, my attention diverted to him. A few sparks shot out of the Console, barely missing Strawberry’s hair. “Whoa! What in the name of Equestria was that?!”, she exclaimed, moving away from the Console. “Uh, nopony panic! Everything is going to be fine!”, he said, banging a rubber mallet on a few of the switches. “Doctor, are you lying!?”, Derpy asked, hearing the cloister bell give off a heavy gong. “Yes, I am!”, he said with a shocked tone as the TARDIS came to a complete stop. “Uhh….Doctor….are we….at a complete stop?”, I asked. He nodded slightly, then said, “Yes….we have come to a stop….the engines are offline….yet, we are right where we need to land.”

“Then why are we still in the air!?”, I asked.

The TARDIS answered my question, cause in a few seconds, I felt the TARDIS lurch towards our destination at a rapid descent. I immediately grabbed on tightly to Strawberry and held on to the railing, feeling my entire body lift off the floor from the loss of gravity….

“Hold on! This is going to be ugly!”, the Doctor said, holding onto Derpy’s hand. Strawberry whimpered as the TARDIS finally came to a crash landing, the sound of wood crunching all around the outside of it. I coughed loudly as I came to in a cloud of dust, seeing that all the lights in the TARDIS had shut off. I looked underneath my arm and said, “You ok, Strawberry?” The young unicorn finally opened her eyes, looking up at me and nodded slightly, still trembling from the landing. “Alright, casualty check! Derpy, you ok?”, I asked. “I’m fine….yet how did I get on the ceiling?!”, Derpy exclaimed, who was hanging onto one of the rafters. “Alright. Doctor, are you ok?!”, I asked. The Doctor groaned slightly, and I looked to one side of the room to see him placed upside down near the wall. “A little help here, please? I’m stuck!”, he said. I immediately stood to my hooves and walked over to the Doctor to help him to an upright position. He stood up and said, “Well, we’re all safe and sound!” “Safe?! Doctor, we crashed! What in the name of Celestia happened?!”, I asked.

The Doctor frowned when I asked that. “I…don’t know, actually. The TARDIS didn’t detect anything. It could’ve been a temporal distortion that may have disagreed with her, or it might have been an engine malfunction. I really hate not knowing these things, Professor. I really do.”, he replied. “Tell me about it. This is what I have to deal with every day, Doctor.”, I said. Derpy finally landed on the floor and said, “Where did we land, Doctor?” “Ah, yes! Let’s see where we are, shall we?”, he said, opening the TARDIS doors. He peeked out and said, “Well, it’s definitely Equestria. Judging from the looks of things, we crash-landed in someone’s home a thousand years during Celestia’s reign, give or take a few extra years. And it’s raining.” I raised an eyebrow and said, “That’s truly amazing. You can deduct all of that just from a few pieces of debris?”

The Doctor nodded and said, “Just a little trick I picked up over the years. It definitely comes in handy when I travel to different planets and times.” I put on a look of amazement as I stepped out of the TARDIS, only to be met with a familiar sight. “Hey, this is MY house, Doctor! How in the wide world of Equestria did we crash land in MY house?!”, I exclaimed, seeing some photos of myself, Strawberry, and my roommate Arty. Strawberry squeezed past me and the Doctor and said, “This is our house, Papa? That’s amazing! Even though the TARDIS crashed, she took us exactly where we needed to go!” The Doctor locked the doors to the TARDIS when Derpy finally joined us on the outside, looking around at the mess that wasn’t caused by the crash. “Gee, Professor. I thought that with you and Arty being such celebrities, your home would’ve been a little cleaner.”, she said, picking up a dirty jacket.

“The famous life isn’t all glitter and glamor as everypony thinks it is, Ms. Hooves. What with the radio show, concerts, and raising Strawberry, I still have my duty to Equestria as a dragon researcher as well as a medical researcher. Now, pardon me, I must find my first aid kit.”, I replied, wading through the mess towards a bookshelf. I pressed one book and a silent click was heard, and a hatch door opened up in front of me as I left the three equines behind. Strawberry coughed as she brushed away some of the dust from the area, using her magic to repair everything that had gotten broken from the crash. She looked up at the clock that hanged from the ceiling and said, “Oh wow, we have only been gone for five hours?! That’s unbelievable!”

The Doctor chuckled and said, “Its brilliant, isn’t it?” Strawberry nodded, only to be interrupted by a loud rumble from beneath the house. “W-What’s going on here?!”, Derpy said, clinging to the side of the TARDIS. The hatch door to my lab opened up, and I stepped out with a large brown briefcase, smoke followed behind me as I coughed loudly. “Well, that experiment failed. Strawberry, write that down as failed amnesia attempt #306-F.”, I said with a sad tone. “Right, Professor.”, Strawberry said, taking a diary out of her overall pocket and quickly jotted a few notes down. The Doctor raised an eyebrow and said, “Amnesia attempt? What are you two talking about?” I looked at him and said, “It’s nothing. Come on, Ms. Sparkle is waiting.” The Doctor frowned softly and said, “Alright.” With the addition of Strawberry and Derpy, I locked my front door behind us, and we immediately ran over to the library.

Nearby, however, Tick-Tock had seen the entire predicament occur. He immediately left his post to tell what he saw to Captain Jack…

“What?! You saw the TARDIS crash land?!”, Jack exclaimed, standing up to his hooves. “Yes, sir. From where it landed, I can only deduce that the Doctor is traveling with Professor Skyfire.”, Tick-Tock stated. “Skyfire? You mean that dragon researcher Princess Celestia and Princess Luna hold high regard over?”, Jack asked. “The same, Captain Star Hunter.”, the ginger unicorn replied. Jack frowned and closed his eyes, then said, “Tick-Tock, take me to Prof. Skyfire’s home. There are a few things I want to check up on.” Tick-Tock saluted, and then did as Jack ordered. With a few minutes, Jack and Tick-Tock arrived at Prodigy’s home, and he immediately used his Squareness gun to open the door. With a turn of the dial, he replaced the lock on the door, and then smiled as him and Tick-Tock stood face to face with the TARDIS. “It brings back good memories to see this old girl again, doesn’t it, sir?”, Tick-Tock said, placing a hand on one of the doors. Jack nodded as he looked around and said, “This place is a mess.”

“Not surprised, Captain. The Professor leads a rather hectic life, so cleaning is probably the last thing on his mind.”, Tick-Tock said. “It sounds like you know quite a lot about him, Tick-Tock. Mind explaining?”, Jack asked. “Well, I only know a little. But, the fact that he does a lot of things is already a weird fact. We ponies are only supposed to have one talent, according to our cutie marks. For example, my cutie mark is that of two cogs, since I enjoy tinkering and inventing things. Yet, the Professor has no idea what his cutie mark means. He works as a jack-of-all-trades because of it. His main goal in life is to reclaim his missing memories in order to learn what his cutie mark means.”, Tick-tock stated.

“What is his cutie mark, anyway? I have never seen it up close, to be honest.”, Jack said. Tick-Tock looked around, and then used his magic to levitate a dirty jacket with Prodigy’s cutie mark emblazoned on the back. “Here it is. It’s a little dirty with mud and soot, but the symbol is still pretty visible.”, Tick-Tock replied. Jack’s eyes widened when he saw the symbol, a flashback of a memory of his past entering his mind instantly from it. “It can’t be…”, he said softly, taking the jacket in his hands. “It’s not possible that this symbol is here in this world. It can’t have reached this far.”, Jack said, tossing the jacket to the ground. “Where did they go, Tick-Tock?”, he asked with a soft voice. “From the location they ran, they were heading towards the Golden Oaks Library which isn’t far from here.”, the unicorn stated. “Well then, fancy reading a book, Tick-Tock? We’re going to the library.”, Jack said, walking out the front door, locking it behind Tick-Tock.

Meanwhile, back with the Doctor and company…

“We made it! Ew, I’m soaked.”, Derpy said, shaking herself dry at the front door. “Hey hey hey, watch the water display!”, I said, wringing out my lab coat. I knocked on the front door, only to get a purple claw dragging me inside. “Prodigy, thank goodness you are here! This pony is crazy!”, Spike said, dodging a book thrown at his head. “Now Spike, be nice. She’s just a little confused, that’s all.”, Twilight said, holding a bowl of water. “Ms. Sparkle, good evening. What seems to be the trouble here?”, I asked, watching Derpy, The Doctor, and Strawberry close the door behind me. “You didn’t hear it? Something crash-landed not far from your home.”, Twilight stated. I chuckled nervously and said, “I’m a deep sleeper. Mind telling me more?” “It would be better to show you than anything.”, Twilight said, walking up to the bedrooms of the library. I reluctantly followed, The Doctor followed behind me to see what the problem was. We were both welcomed to the sight of an injured pony lying in Twilight’s bed.

“What in the name of Equestria happened here?”, I asked, looking the pony over. “She’s what crash-landed. Problem is, I have no idea how that is possible, since she is an Earth Pony. It’s not like she crashed from Cloudsdale or anything.”, Twilight stated. “Hm, that is odd. Oh, lookie here, she’s coming to.”, I said, watching the pony open her eyes. She tried moving, but I placed a hand on her shoulder and said, “Hey, easy. You had a nasty fall and I’m here to tend to your wounds. Do you know who you are? Your name? Where you are?” “I told her why I am here and who I am. Why doesn’t anyone listen?”, she said with a groan, trying to sit up again. “My name is Rose, and I came to find the Doctor. Please, you must let me go! I have to warn him!’, Rose stated. I heard the Doctor gasp slightly when he heard his name. I then asked, “Doctor? Doctor who, Rose?”

“You wouldn’t understand. The Doctor isn’t a pony. He’s a…”, Rose stated, before I said, “Time Lord?” Twilight’s eyes widened when I said that. “Prodigy, how do you know what she was calling him? Only I should know that.” I stood to my hooves and then walked over to the Doctor and said, “This here is the Doctor. The same Doctor you are asking for, two hearts and all.” Rose tilted her head and said, “That’s not possible. The Doctor is humanoid.” I was about to say something, but then the Doctor said, “Rose Tyler. It really is you…but how? How could you possibly be here?” Rose groaned when she stood to her hooves and walked over to the Doctor, looking him in the face. She gasped as tears welled up into her eyes. She placed both of her hands on his chest, feeling the two beats of his hearts and said, “It really IS you. I found you, Doctor. I found you.”, she said with a sniffle. The Doctor hugged Rose tightly and said, “Rose. My Rose, it’s ok. Shush now, dry up those tears.”

“Prodigy, I have seen you do a lot of things, but you cannot expect me to believe that these two are from another universe. Spill it, WHO IS THAT PONY?”, Twilight asked, tugging on my ear. “Ow ow ow! Ms. Sparkle, cut it out! That hurts! I already told you, that’s the Doctor! No questions about it!”, I said, pulling out of her grip. “But how? How in Celestia’s name is it possible? Where did you meet him? For that matter, how do you even know him?”, Twilight asked. “Uh, that’s a long story, Ms. Sparkle. But I will certainly tell you about it later.”, I said nervously. Rose then spoke up and said, “I needed that. But, now is not the time for tears. Doctor, we have a problem. Have you seen Jack yet?” “Jack?! Jack Harkness? He’s in this universe too?!”, the Doctor exclaimed. “Yes, he is! He followed you here and accidently brought a platoon of Daleks here! They’re out there now, Doctor. Just waiting for the proper time to attack!”, Rose said. The Doctor’s face went cold when Rose said that. “How long? How long has he been here?”, he asked.

“About a few months. He’s made another Torchwood here just to locate you to tell you the exact same thing, Doctor.”, Rose replied. “I see. Well, we better find him. We’ll need all the help we can get.”, the Doctor said. “Professor, you think you can tend to Rose’s injuries?”, he asked me. “Sure thing.”, I Said, using my magic to put a few bandages on her immediately. While I was doing that, a knock on the door was heard. “Spike, mind getting that?”, Twilight said, still a bit overwhelmed at everything that was occurring. “Sure thing, Twi.”, Spike said, walking over to the front door. “Who is it?”, he asked. “Torchwood.”, Jack said from the other side. Spike groaned and said, “It’s that weird Captain guy from Torchwood again, Twi! Should I let him in?”

“Weird guy from Torchwood?! Let him in!”, the Doctor said, looking down from the bedrooms. Spike flinched when the doctor shouted, but he did as he was told and opened the door. I looked down to see a sky blue Pegasus step inside the library, followed by a ginger unicorn. “So, which one of them is he, Doctor?”, I asked, looking over at the Time Lord. “Hey, it’s Tick-Tock! How’ve you been, gingy?”, the Doctor said, noticing the unicorn behind Jack. Tick-Tock groaned and said, “Are we really going to do this now, Doctor? Also, it is nice to see you again.” Derpy saw Tick-Tock out of the corner of her eye and immediately tackled him to the ground, hugging him tightly. “Welcome back to Ponyville, Tick-Tock!”, she said with a wide smile. “Nice to see you too, Lady Bright-Eyes. Have you and the Doctor been doing well?”, Tick-Tock asked. She nodded and said, “Yes, we have! Things have been going quite well for us.” Jack then walked up to where the Doctor and said, “It’s good to see you again, Doctor.”

“Likewise. Only, in this kind of predicament, I think any pleasantries have to wait until AFTER the Dalek attack.”, the Doctor stated. He then looked over at me and said, “Professor, let us return to the TARDIS. We can use it to see what the Daleks are up to.” I nodded then picked up my first-aid kit and walked downstairs, getting stopped by Twilight. “Prodigy, what is going on? Tell me, please.”, she asked with a worried tone. I looked at Twilight with a stern look, only to hear the Doctor say my name. “I’m sorry, I gotta go.”, I said, running after the Doctor. “Prodigy Skyfire, get back here!”, Twilight exclaimed, chasing after me with an umbrella. “Twilight, come back! You’re going to catch your death of cold!”, Spike exclaimed, following behind her.

I immediately opened the door to my house, tripping over the mess in the living room. “Sweet Celestia, that hurt!”, I stated, standing up to my hooves as the Doctor, Jack, Rose, and Derpy ran by me. He snapped his fingers as the doors to the TArDIS opened up for him, Strawberry running in behind them as she said, “Come on, Professor! Let’s get going!” I nodded as I ran inside, not noticing Twilight and Spike had made it inside as well. With a flip of a switch, the TARDIS doors closed behind them. “Alright, everyone is here, let’s get going. Professor, turn around and hug Ms. Sparkle.”, The Doctor said, flipping a few switches on the console. “MS. SPaRKLE!?”, I exclaimed, looking back to see Twilight and Spike looking at everything around them, their mouths wide from the shock of it all. She then looked at me as I hugged her and said, “Uhh….where to begin?” “It’s…bigger on the inside?”, Twilight asked. “Yes it is. It’s called the TArDIS. It’s the Doctor’s…spaceship.”, I replied.

“He an alien? A real genuine alien?”, Spike said, waving a hand in front of him as if he thought he was seeing a mirage. “Yes, he is. Strawberry and I have been traveling with him to find out the mystery behind my cutie mark. Seems like the mystery behind it goes even deeper than we thought.”, I replied. Twilight removed herself from my grip as she walked towards the TARDIS console and touched it gently, hearing it beep. “I didn’t press anything!”, she exclaimed, stepping back slightly. The Doctor chuckled and said, “It’s alright. She likes you, Ms. Sparkle.” I smiled, and then flinched when I felt the entire ship rattle. “What in Tartarus was that?!”, I stated, hanging onto the railing. “I don’t know! The entire ship shook from that!”, The Doctor said, looking at the TARDIS screen, the entire ship shutting power in an instant. “We’ve lost power!”, the Doctor stated. “Why? What happened?”, Derpy asked. “It must be the Daleks! They have us, Doctor!”, Rose stated. “That is correct, Rose Tyler”, a voice said. Jack and the Doctor’s eyes widened when the oh-so familiar voice chimed throughout the TARDIS. A video appeared on the small window on the TARDIS console as a peculiar figure appeared. “Well, even in a universe far apart from our own, you still show up, Doctor. How many more times must we come face to face?”, the alien stated, grinning a toothy smile. “Davros!? But it isn’t possible! You died when the reality bomb was destroyed!”, the Doctor said, his eyes widening in shock.

“And yet, here we are again: new universe and a new Dalek Empire, just waiting to scour across the reaches of space. I quite like it here, Doctor. So many feeble minds that knows NOTHING of our power, just ripe for the taking. And each of you in that infernal TARDIS is witness to it all, right here, right now.”, Davros stated. The Doctor went towards the TARDIS doors and opened them slightly, walking out to see that we had been moved to a new location: one filled with an entire race of Daleks breathing down our necks. Twilight moved closer to me as me and the others joined him outside and said, “Prodigy, what is those things?” I shook my head as placed a hand on her shoulder and said, “Trouble, Twilight. That’s as good as I can explain it. Who is he, Doctor?” The Doctor went quiet when I asked that. The silence was staggering, but Rose looked over to me and said, “Davros is the creator of the Daleks. Last time we met, he recreated an engine called the Reality Bomb with 27 different planets as the power source.” Davros chuckled and said, “It was a matter destruction device. With it, I could split anything apart until there was nothing left but atoms and then some. Of course, if it wasn’t the Doctor and THAT WOMAN, I would’ve succeeded!”

“That’s insane! From what you are saying, that would’ve meant EVERYTHING would’ve been destroyed!”, I exclaimed. “And then, the Dalek race would be the only things in existence. The masters with the keys of a brand new reality!”, Davros stated. I grimaced and said, “That’s horrible! What kind of being can literally say such a thing with such pride?!” “That’s the Daleks for you, Professor: anything that isn’t Dalek is MEANINGLESS.”, Jack said. “Precisely. Which is why we followed the Doctor to this new universe: a fresh new start.”, Davros replied. “A FRESH NEW START?! You couldn’t possibly thinking of recreating the Reality bomb HERE?!”, the Doctor exclaimed. He moved forward slightly, only for one of the Daleks “DO NOT MOVE, DOCTOR!”, the Dalek said with a robotic tone. Davros laughed and said, “Not quite. The Reality bomb can only work if there are 27 planets of the exact shape, density, and matter. We don’t have the time for that. No, the best approach is the old-fashioned way: we exterminate every being in existence with raw force!”

“Not if I have anything to say about it!”, Jack said, removing a gun from his jacket, firing it at Davros. The bullet evaporated the minute it reached him, Davros laughed harshly. “Captain Jack Harkness, your weapons are useless here!”, Davros stated, shooting him with a bolt of electricity from his hand. Jack grunted loudly as he fell over on the floor dead. “JACK! Oh Celestia, he killed him!”, I said, kneeling down on the floor, checking the pegasus’ pulse. Spike was in shock over it, then looked over at Davros and said, “Why did you have to kill him?!” Davros laughed, ignoring the dragon as he looked over at me, noticing I was staring at him with the coldest of stares he has possibly never seen. “You…those eyes have seen pain like nothing before. And yet, there is a certain….hidden mystery behind them. You are no ordinary pony, are you?”, Davros asked. Twilight placed a hand on my shoulder as I said, “As if you know anything about me! Don’t you dare try to understand me, you murderer!” The Doctor placed a hand on me and Twilight and said, “Leave him be, Professor.” “No, Doctor. We’re not leaving Jack!”, I said. “I know that, but let him go and wait a few minutes.”, the Doctor said. Me and Twilight looked at the Doctor strangely, but we quickly learned why: in a few minutes, Jack gasped loudly, sitting up fully alive. “What? …WHAT?!”, I exclaimed, looking at Jack. Davros raised an eyebrow and said, “Of course. I forgot that you cannot die. You are quite lucky.” Jack chuckled and wheezed slightly, standing back up on his hooves and said, “Lucky is just an understatement.” Davros frowned then turned his back to us and then said, “My Daleks, now is the time! We shall start with the planet below! Make it burn with the blood of its inhabitants! For the glory of the Dalek race!” “No!”, Twilight exclaimed, seeing some Daleks head for the hanger doors. Immediately, she used her magic to put a barrier around the doors, keeping the Daleks on the inside.

“What is this trickery?! Explain! Explain!”, one of the Daleks stated, looking over at Twilight. “The female shows hostile intent! She shall be exterminated!”, the other said, aiming its weapon at her. My eyes widened in horror when I saw that. “Ms. Sparkle, MOVE!”, I exclaimed, pushing her out of the way, getting shot through the back. I gasped as I saw tears fill up Twilight’s eyes. “D-Don’t cry…don’t….cry.”, I said, falling out of consciousness. “PROFESSOR! Oooh, now you done it!”, The Doctor exclaimed. He turned to everyone and said, “IN THE TARDIS, NOW!” Everyone nodded as Twilight held me in her arms, dragging me inside. “The Doctor is escaping! Exterminate! Exterminate!”, said the Daleks, each of them fired at the TARDIS. The Doctor ran to the console and flipped a few switches, the power turning back on as the TARDIS vanished. Derpy looked at the screen on the console and said, “They’re following us, Doctor!”

“And that’s EXACTLY what I want them to do!”, The Doctor said, heading back to the planet. “Excuse me, but how is taking the Daleks back down to the planet a GOOD THING?!”, Spike exclaimed. “I do hope you have some sort of plan instead of just going at this with hardly an idea at all, Doctor. This is serious.”, Rose said. “Hey, I always have a plan. Trust me.”, the Doctor said. Rose looked at the Doctor with a strange look and he chuckled nervously. “Alright, I have no idea what we’re going to do. I’m stumped here!”, he said. “If only we had some powerful weapons that we could use to fight them back with. Sorry, Doctor. We’ll need the TARDIS’ help on this one.”, Jack stated. The Doctor frowned when Jack said that. He looked over at Twilight and Strawberry huddled over my body and sighed. “The Professor would know what to do. He always knows what to do.”, Twilight said, running a hand through my hair. Strawberry tugged on my arm and said, “Wake up, Papa. Please wake up. You can’t be dead. You just can’t.”

“I’m sorry, you two. There is no way that he survived that. That was a shot that went straight through his back, so all his vitals was easy to target.”, Rose said. Twilight frowned and said, “NO! I refuse to believe he’s dead. He has so many things to do! And then there is that dream of his! He was so close to figuring out who he is!” Jack frowned when Twilight said that. “Twilight…you might just be right. I don’t believe he’s dead. If he is who I think he is, that shot was a bug bite compared to what he is used to.” The Doctor widened his eyes when Jack said that. He watched as Jack walked over to the Professor and said, “PRODIGY! STAND TO ATTENTION, MISTER!” I growled as I stood up on my hooves, kicking Jack square in the jaw. “Shut up, Harkness! You’re not my boss! I WAS SLEEPING!”, I shouted. Jack winced as he rubbed his jaw, then said, “Yup, that was expected. OW!”

I shook my shoulders as I looked around and said, “How did I get here? I should be dead!” “Yes, you should! What are you, Professor?!”, Twilight said, bonking me in the head. “Ow! Really, Twilight?! Now’s not the time for hitting me! We got Daleks to fight!”, I said, running towards the hallway to my room. Twilight’s eyes widened when she heard what I said. “He….he said my name.”, she said with a surprise. The Doctor raised an eyebrow as I came back with my suitcase. “What are you doing with that, Professor?”, he asked. I opened it and pulled out a small black bundle. The Doctor flinched when he realized what it was. “Professor, please tell me that isn’t dynamite!?”, he exclaimed.

I smirked when the Doctor said that. “This is no mere dynamite, Doctor. This is the T-213. It’s twenty times more powerful and it is set to completely destroy anything at the sub-atomic level. So, let’s experiment, shall we? What would happen if this was placed in one strategic spot in the Dalek warship? I wonder what would happen then?”, I said with a huge grin. “Are you saying that this one bomb would not only destroy the Daleks that are chasing us, but all of the Daleks that is in that warship?”, Jack asked. I nodded in reply then said, “Yes, but the tricky thing is that it has to be planted on the inside of the ship. Otherwise, it won’t work.” The Doctor frowned and said, “So in either case, we still have no choice but to fight, huh?” Rose placed a hand on the Doctor’s shoulder and said, “This is our only option, Doctor. In this world, most ponies abhor violence as much as you do. You wouldn’t find a single weapon anywhere. Isn’t that right, Twilight?”

“You’re correct. The only ponies that I know that has even the smallest arsenal to counter against enemy attacks is myself along with my friends, Princess Luna & Princess Celestia, and the Professor.”, Twilight stated. I smiled softly and then said, “Alright then. Jack, take this. It’s a miniature Gatling gun. Lay continuous fire out on the Daleks that are chasing us. Derpy, I want you to stay here on the TARDIS and look after Strawberry while The Doctor and I go onto the ship and head for the engine room. There, we shall set off the bomb, taking out the Daleks once and for all.” Twilight looked over at me when I said that. “No way are you two going alone. I’m coming too!”, she stated. “Ms. Sparkle, I insist that you stay here on the TARDIS to stay safe!”, I replied. “Tough luck! I’m going!”, she exclaimed. I frowned and said, “Fine! Spike, Rose, Derpy, Jack, Strawberry! This is an order: STAY ALIVE.”

“Understood. Doctor, get the TARDIS inside now!”, Jack said, looking at the gun I handed over to him. The Doctor nodded as he flipped a few switches on the console, the TARDIS making a small ding as it landed back inside the warship. Jack ran out first as he shot a few Daleks that were heading for us in the eyestalks. I ran out and said, “Huh, a Dalek’s weakness is their eyestalk, huh? I have to remember that.” “Now’s not the time for conversing! We have to get going! Which way?”, Twilight asked. “This way!”, the Doctor stated, running in the opposite direction with Rose following behind him. I nodded as I ran behind them, Twilight running right beside me as Jack continued to lay fire out at each Dalek that chased after us. Faster and faster we ran, until we finally made it to the engine room, finding that it was miraculously empty.

“It’s empty!? This has got to be a trap.”, Jack exclaimed. I frowned as I immediately walked towards the energy source and attached the bomb to it. I flipped a switch on it and pulled a remote from my jacket. “Alright, it’s set. One push of this button, this entire thing goes up with a bang.”, I stated. I looked over and saw the Doctor staring at me with worry. I sighed and said, “What? There’s nothing else we can do, Doctor. It’s either this or everyone down below will die.” The Doctor shook his head and said, “I know, Professor. I just never thought that you would ever think of something like this.” I looked away from him and said, “Sounds like you have experience in this kind of predicament, Doctor. What happened?” The Doctor’s eyes grew sadder and colder than I have ever seen since I have met him. “There was a war….a Time War between my people and the Daleks. In the end, both sides lost and my planet was lost forever.”, he said. My eyes widened when he said that. He was just about to say something else when a small laugh was heard. I turned around, and then saw a light flash in front of us. I tilted my head to see a wrecked Dalek sitting right in front of us, chained up to the wall.

“What…is that?”, I said. “It’s Dalek Khan! He survived our last encounter!”, the Doctor said, walking over to me. Dalek Khan laughed again as he stared directly at me. “The Doctor and the Living Paradox, traveling together through time and space, going on adventures and saving the day like heroes. This was something I HAD to see, Time Lord.”, Khan stated. “Again with the Living Paradox. It’s like those words are following us! What do they mean, Doctor?”, I asked. The Doctor furrowed his brow in annoyance, Khan saying, “I saw everything. A being from another world that shouldn’t possibly exist, warping time and space to the point he is necessary to the universe. And yet, the threads of fate are unbinding themselves with him. The shadows shall return, everything will be lost to the chaos, and the Paradox…will forever die across the cosmos.”

“No! He can’t die! Everything would come to an end if that happened!”, the Doctor stated. Khan laughed again when the Doctor said that. “Death of the mind, death of the soul, death of the heart. His own will shall be the final nail in his own casket. The Council of Six shall be reborn, and the Paradox shall be no more.”, the deranged Dalek said that. He laughed as a bunch of Daleks started to fill up the Engine room, each of them shouting the same word: “Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!” “Oh crud, we’re surrounded!”, I said, keeping a tight grip on the bomb remote. “What do we do now?!”, Twilight exclaimed. The Doctor looked around as he heard the TARDIS engine noise fill the room. As if on cue, the TARDIS materialized around us, Derpy and the others smiled at us. “I’ll tell you what we do: WE RUN LIKE CRAZY!”, Derpy said, flipping a few switches as we disappeared once again.

“Derpy?! You can fly the TARDIS? How?!”, the Doctor said. “Ananta taught me!”, Derpy said, walking over to us. She tripped on my suitcase and fell right on top of me, making me press the detonator button in the process. A loud rumble and a bunch of yells were heard over the TARDIS intercom. The Doctor snapped his fingers as the doors to the TARDIS opened, revealing a giant fireball plummeting to the earth below. “It worked…they’re gone.”, the Doctor said softly. He then looked over at Derpy and said, “Who’s Ananta?” Derpy giggled and said, “That’s what I have been calling the TARDIS. She was really nice on teaching me what to do.” The Doctor chuckled and then looked at me and said, “Told you that this old girl was alive.”

“Alright, alright. I guess there are some things I have to start believing. Like the Living Paradox, for example.”, I said. The Doctor and the others went silent when I said that. “It’s true: those words are following us, and it doesn’t seem to be for a good reason. Still, there is plenty more out there for us to find.”, I stated with a soft smile. The Doctor nodded and said, “That’s right. Well then, let’s get everypony back home, shall we?” He walked over to the console and flipped a few switches, returning the TARDIS to the ground next to Twilight’s library. Spike ran out the TARDIS doors and smiled when he saw the library standing in front of him. “Home sweet home! Sorry, Doctor,, but you live a way too hectic life for me to understand.”, he said, walking back inside. The Doctor chuckled as Twilight walked out. I followed her and said, “Give me a few minutes, Doctor? There’s something I need to do first.” He looked at me and at Twilight and said, “Of course. I’ll be waiting inside.” He closed the TARDIS doors with a click, leaving me and Twilight alone. I cleared my throat and scratched the back of my head. “Well…guess this is good-bye for a while, Ms. Sparkle.”, I said. Twilight looked at me with sad eyes and said, “Do you really have to go? This is exceedingly dangerous.”

“I must. The Doctor is my only chance of finally learning who I truly am. But, do not worry. I promise to come back soon.”, I replied. Twilight sighed and said, “Why though? Why risk your life in order to get your memory back?” I looked down and said, “It’s because something feels wrong. It’s like a big piece of me is missing, and it is definitely important that I figure out what it is.” Twilight sniffled as tears formed in her eyes. “Still, it’s way too risky! How do I even know that you’ll truly come back?”, she asked. I looked at her and said, “Remember that day I told you that I wanted to ask you something? Something very important?” Twilight raised an eyebrow, and I chuckled as I held her close to me, kissing her lips gently. She blushed brightly, but she immediately fell into the kiss, crying softly. I pulled away from her and said, “I promise I will come back. Otherwise, the question I am gonna ask will mean nothing. Twilight Sparkle, will you marry me?”

She gasped, and then smiled widely. “How long have you been wanting to ask me this?”, she asked. “Ever since the incident with Discord two years ago.”, I said. I patted her head and said, “You’ve saved me so many times, all I have ever felt was gratitude. But, I was afraid if I ever told you my true feelings, you would say no. That’s why I always called you Ms. Sparkle…Twilight. So, will you?”, I asked. Her smile grew even wider as she nodded yes. “You and your daughter better come back to me safely, ok?” I nodded and said, “We will.” I turned away from her then walked back into the TARDIS, seeing the Doctor and the others staring directly at me. “What?”, I asked. “No ring?”, the Doctor said, tossing me a small red box. I caught it and saw a silver engagement ring inside it. I grinned and said, “Thanks, Doctor. Well, Strawberry, do you think I made a good choice?”

“Twi’s going to be my new mommy!”, Strawberry said happily. I chuckled as I walked back outside quickly, seeing Twilight still standing in front of the TARDIS. Immediately, I placed the ring on her ring finger and said goodbye once more, stepping back inside the TARDIS. Jack patted my back in congratulations as the Doctor said, “Next stop, Manehatten!”

After that, the Doctor dropped Jack back off in Manehatten. According to Jack, it was the closest place where he could jump from one universe to the next to return back to this place called Cardiff, wherever that was. We finally went to another location on the other side of the Planet, where we saw a beam of light sitting right in front of us. According to Rose, it was a portal back to the universe she was living in. I was amazed with how she changed from a pony to a human being once she stepped into the portal, leaving us behind. Finally, the Doctor left this location, and then Strawberry asked him something…

“Doctor, can we do something different?”, Strawberry asked. “What do you mean, Strawberry?”, he asked. “Well, we’ve traveled through time. Can we travel through space and go to another planet?”, she asked. “Hey, she’s right. I want to go to another planet too.”, I stated. “Very well, where to?”, he said, chomping on another stick of butter. “Alright then. I want to go….to someplace awesome.”, Strawberry said.

“You heard the little filly. Someplace awesome, Doctor!”, Derpy said. “Alright! Next stop, adventure! Allons-y!”, he said, sending the TARDIS to its next destination.

So long, Equestria. Next stop, anywhere the TARDIS can go. Where will we end up this time? Who knows…

Doctor Whooves Ch 3 - Return of Bad Wolf
New chapter of Doctor Whooves and the Assistant: The Living Paradox! The Doctor's past comes to haunt him as old enemies and familiar friends are seen! Also, more is learned of the Living Paradox himself. Who is he, what is he there for? Important questions.

Doctor Whooves and the Assistant (c) Ponies with Pockets Productions & :iconjitterbugjive:

Doctor Whooves and the Assistant: The Living Paradox (c) :iconyami-sonic: aka TheAmariaShadow

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (c) Hasbro, Lauren Faust, and the Hub Network

Doctor Who is copyright of BBC
Alright, so for those that always ask, I AM NOT AN ARTIST. However, this is not why I am making this. I am just trying to send some love over to an artist who is really great what she does best, :iconmother-noroi: She's in a bit of a hiatus at the moment due to college, but she's got some really fantastic traditional art pieces up on her page if you want to see her skills, so go ahead and check her out!

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