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About Literature / Hobbyist Member Yami Nomura22/Male/United States Group :iconcity-of-amaria: City-of-Amaria
The Dimensional Protection Unit
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Seeing the Stars by BaldDumboRat

This piece of art was remarkably drawn. The colors are strong, the imagery is beautiful, and it drives a very strong sense of adventure...

Dream Body by Rebe-IT
by Rebe-IT

I only have one thing to say about this: well done. The detail was good, the idea was great. This is truly a work of originality, since...


Yami-Sonic's Profile Picture
Yami Nomura
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am Yami Nomura, but all my friends call me Sonic, Yami, or Luce. I am a fanfic writer of 14 years, and my biggest cravings is those of YGO and Sonic the Hedgehog. I am in one of the biggest slumps in my life, and I am looking for inspiration, so watch out, cause you may never know when I come running to you.

I AM NOT AN ARTIST!!! Everything posted on my profile is either requested art, commissioned art, or art that fairly resembles a character in my fanfic that I will try to get drawn soon.

WANTED: One juicy story for the public to enjoy. Enough said.

PLZ JOIN! :iconcity-of-amaria: PLZ JOIN

I do have a Furaffinity and a InkBunny account. Wanna follow me there? Links are below:…

:iconyami-sonic: :heart: :iconsangee-13-neuroy:

Personal Quote: Take Things to The Next Level

Chibi Anthro Spike by Pia-sama
OC stamp by Suyy
OC - Soul Stamp by Alphares
My OC's -stamp- by shorty-antics-27

I Made A Thing Here


Sayori Nakamura by Yami-Sonic

Name: Sayori Nakamura

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Devil Fruit: Dice-Dice Fruit

Height: 5’6

Weight: 186

Sexuality: bi-sexual

Relationship Status: Dating Axel Hashimoto* (RP)

Sexual Position: bottom

Virginity: broken

Oral Virginity: broken

Anal Virginity: broken

Occupation: 3rd seat of the Dimensional Protection Unit & Traditional Artist

Former Living Location: Rusukaina Island, Grand Line Dimension* (She’s a wild girl living on an abandoned island! WHOO!)

Newest Living Location: Amaria, North Carolina, United States, Earth, Heart Genesis Dimension

Abilities: Other than her Devil Fruit powers, she knows Armament Haki & Observation Haki

Personality: Tomboyish, yet is rather kind and can be a little silly as well as a bit wild.

Body Description: Tan skin, red hair, red eyes, has a body frame like Nami, perky bubbly butt, large breasts, has a tattoo of a red pentagram at the lower left side of her belly. Also has one red bang hanging down from the middle of her head.

Clothing Description: Normally wears a black bra with the Straw Hat Pirate mark on the left cup and the Sacred Seal on the right cup as well as a pair of shorts that has one leg that is longer than the other and a red sash wrapped around her hips. Also wears a pair of black Converse hightops and a pair of fingerless gloves. Does wear a pair of goggles on her head as well. Does have two battle axes strapped to the sides of her sash.

Accessories: Normally keeps an iPhone tucked in her cleavage to keep contact with friends and loved ones.

Likes: Chocolate, drawing, anime, her boyfriend, martial arts, traveling, video games, taking naps, and cosplaying, cool weather

Dislikes: Water* (For obvious reasons), rude people, and being bored and depressed.

Measurements: 105J-Cup – Waist 21 – Hips 40

Hair Color: Red

Hair Style: Spiky

Eye Color: Red

Sayori Nakamura
Say hello to Sayori, the newest member of the Dimensional Protection Unit and the very first One Piece OC I have created with my girlfriend. I hope you all enjoy her!
Sayori Nakamura & art (c) :iconsangee-13-neuroy:

Concept Idea (c) :iconyami-sonic:
FANSTUCK - Mousha Wanija by Yami-Sonic
FANSTUCK - Mousha Wanija
So yeah, this is my Homestuck fantroll Mousha. LET IT BE KNOWN NOW: I know absolutely nothing about Homestuck except the things I have been taught by my girlfriend, so I am not the biggest member of the fanbase. I am learning, but I still don't call myself a fan of it. But hey, I have been asked many times to write a Homestuck fanfiction by my girlfriend and many others, so I will try my best to learn SOMETHING in order to branch out my writing style.

In order to see the full info sheet of Mousha, you can find it here: FANSTUCK - Mousha Wanija

Mousha Wanija (c) Myself

Art (c) :iconsangee-13-neuroy:
Berry Cream by Yami-Sonic
Berry Cream
So, as most of you may already know, me and :iconsangee-13-neuroy: has made a pony harem in our RP world strictly for our OC and son, Noah. Well, meet the first child to come from that harem from the party pony herself, Berry Cream. He is half pony and half nephilim. Like his mother, he enjoys partying, especially raves which explains why he always wears glowsticks around his wrists and neck. Also, just like her, he has an insatiable appetite for sweets and being silly. And unlike his mother, he has his father's cocky personality and also has a rather mischievous side to him as well, with a strong touch to his mother's famous 4th-wall breaking ability and Pinkie sense to his father's touch of magic.

And now, to the design at hand. He has a light pinkish-purple fur color that gains an even darker shade of purple around his wings. Like his mother, his body reacts to the feelings he is experiencing the most, from happiness to sadness. When this happens, his hair and body loses it's bounciness and curviness. He is rather bottom heavy, just like his mom,* (Come now, all those sweets have to go somewhere!) and has a small pudge on his stomach. His hair is rather poofy like his mom's, with the occasional spiky bangs his father possesses. He has dual-colored eyes like his father, the right eye being purple and the left being green: a total contrast to both his mother and father since mixing Pinkie's blue eyes with Noah's red and yellow eyes will give you such a result.

As for his outfit, as mentioned, he wears a bunch of glowsticks of assorted colors as well as thigh-high black and white striped socks. Also wears a gray t-back t-shirt that always reveals his stomach and a pair of blue booty shorts. Also, he always wears a black and white jacket in contrast to the black overcoat his father always wears. On the jacket is a black and white jester hoodie, and embedded inside the hood is a pair of earbuds that are always connected to an iPhone he carries at all time, which he listens to music from his favorite artists, namely the Ponybeats, PonsDraCon*, and DJ Pon-3.

Finally, his cutie mark is a strawberry covered in cum, and he is bisexual. .....I REGRET NOTHING.

Character Design (c) myself & Sangee-13-Neuroy
It's that time of year again: my birthday. How will it turn out this time? Who knows?
It's that time of year again: my birthday. How will it turn out this time? Who knows?

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